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Construction Technology

Repair technology in the process of road repair

1.The example of a damage of  the road.

   The picture shows the hole in the road and 

   a net of rifts all around  the hole.


2. The right machine for reparation of the 

    damage inthe road is theSTRASSMAYR 

    STP 1008 Patcher.

    All the stages of the reparation will be done

    using the nozzle of the working arm, while 

    the operator is secured from the following 

    trafficby the body of the truck.


3. Drying and cleaning of the damage 

    is the most important stage in the whole process of 

    reparation. With the use of a special construction of 

    a nozzle, with the pressed air coming out of the blast 

    machine, the right cleaning and drying of a hole is 



4. Spraying of the damage with emulsion.

    After switching on the emulsion pump, 

    the emulsion will be sprayed from the 

    same nozzle, covering the cleaned

    bottom of the damage and filling the

    rifts around the hole. The emulsion in 

    filled rifts create the net of roots which 

    will be an additional hold for the hole filling.



5. Filling the damage with the homogeneous 

    mixture of emulsion and stones.

    After switching on the hydraulic drive of 

    stone feeding screws, the stones will be 

    transported to the nozzle, where the stone 

    will be covered with the flowing emulsion, 

    making the homogeneous mixture. This 

    mixture blasted with the pressure to the 

    hole will fill the damage.


6. Covering the repaired damage with clean 

    and dry stones.

    After filling the hole with the homogeneous mixture,

    the emulsion pump will be switched off, and clean 

    stones will be blasted with pressed air on the 

    repaired damage, covering it with the protective 

    surface. Thanks to this the following cars will be 

    protected from emulsion rests.

7. Picture of the repaired damage.

   Just after the reparation the traffic can use the 

   repaired r oad.

   The additional compaction will be done by the

   following traffic.

8. The cut of the road damage

     repaired with the technology of Blow Patching.